Sequencing Multiplex S.L. (Seqplexing) started (emerges) as a Spin-off of INCLIVA (Health Research Institute of Hospital Clínico de Valencia), from the Genetic Diagnosis and Genomics Unit


About Seqplexing

Sequencing Multiplex S.L. (Seqplexing) aims to simplify the methodology of genetic studies with products with a high biotechnological component and high added value. Our solutions simplify procedures by reducing the total time to obtain results, handwork and rationalizing spending

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Seqplexing gets authorization as a health center for genetic diagnosis

Seqplexing has obtained the sanitary authorization to offer services as a genetic diagnosis center .At Seqplexing laboratory genetic analysis will be carried out to detect point mutations and large rearrangements responsible for hereditary disease...


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Seal of Excellence

Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020


LabScores Report

The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network. Individual Laboratory Report (ILR) - Lab 1792 (Season 2016).